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Enable Remote Desktop Access in a Swvps CentOS VPS
Posted by Maurice Stack on 29 January 2014 03:54 AM

You can view the desktop of your Linux VPS and use it similar to remote desktop on our Windows VPS.

There are some configuration steps before this can be done however which are outlined below.

This will allow you to connect to your VPS with a VNC client. For this guide we will use CentOS 6 as the VPS operating system.

  • Login to your VPS through SSH - see this article
  • Enter the command yum -y groupinstall Desktop and hit enter on your keypad
  • Next run the command yum -y remove NetworkManager
  • Next run the command yum -y install nano tigervnc-server
  • Next we will add a user/pass to access the VPS with VNC with the following 2 commands:
    useradd desktop
    passwd desktop (change user desktop to anything you want and password to a very strong password.)
  • Create a password for the new user "desktop" or whatever username you have created using the below 3 commands

     su - desktop
     vncpasswd (enter a strong password when prompted)

  • Edit the config file: nano /etc/sysconfig/vncservers
  • Add these 2 lines to the config file and close the file by using Ctrl+X on your keypad and hitting Y key to accept the changes.

     VNCSERVERARGS[1]="-geometry 1024x768"

  • Set the VNC server to run on boot: /sbin/chkconfig vncserver on
  • Start up the VNC server: service vncserver start

Next you can connect to your VPS with your VNC client. If you don't already have one installed on your Windows PC, you can download TigerVNC from here.

The VNC port to connect to will be 5901 so you can connect using your VPS IP and port in TigerVNC like and hit connect. Enter your desktop user password on the popup and the desktop will then appear.